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Earthworks / Exhibitions

The Voice of the Earth

Solo exhibition with installation of

volcanic ash, earth, metal signs and

hanging plant materials.

Cerro Coso College, Ridgcrest, CA - 2016


Common Ground: An Exploration of the Space Between Contrasting Viewpoints

Solo exhibition in a roofless building

which was formerly used as an ice house with an installation of two tons of earth, and metal signs. Includes a soundscape

in collaboration with Bruce Licher.

The Ice House, Phoenix, AZ - 2004  


Evidence of Change

Solo exhibition with installation of

progressive selections of earth excavated

from the construction route of an expanding highway.  Includes: bulldozer parts, metal leaf.

Arte-Misia Gallery, Sedona, AZ - 2001


Suspension of Disbelief

Installation in collaboration with musician Bruce Licher, & artists Clare Helfrich Licher, and William Faircloth.

The floor of a darkened room is completely covered with earth. Several sage bushes are suspended in mid air and lit from below. A maximum of three people are admitted to the space at a time.  They follow a path through the bushes to a deeply colored red tent which is illuminated from within. Inside they find a suspended mirror on which is balanced a bed of arctic sand cradling a

single spot-lit pearl.

Soundscape created by Karen Nielsen Licher and Bruce Licher.

New Territory Artspace, Sedona, AZ - 1998


Unexplored Territory:

Common Ground

Solo exhibition: installation of four mats with four tones of earth, presented with metal stands and signs.  Wall paintings elaborate

on the concepts of the signs:



Promised/ Forbidden


Select Art Gallery, Sedona, AZ - 1996

  The Lunar Power of the Waters: Sedona Flood Story

Solo exhibition including conceptual installation, painting and sculpture.  Accompanying a winding line of creek stones, debris collected from the wreckage of destroyed homes was worked

into sculpture and wall pieces.

The Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ - 1995


Exhibition invitations included a letterpress art print edition produced by Karen Nielsen Licher at Independent Project Press.

Earth Day 1992:

As Above, So Below

Collaborative earthwork project,

East Mojave Desert, CA - 1992

Six artists create an earthwork:

Karen Nielsen Licher, Bruce Licher, Kristin Bell, Henry Solis,

Barry Craig, Deanne Belinoff.

The subject matter selected by the group of artists was the dilemma surrounding the growing hole in the Earth's ozone layer. The group chose Greenpeace as the recipient of the proceeds generated from the
creation of a collaborative letterpress print edition documenting the Earthwork.


This project was commemorated by a numbered art print edition letterpress printed at Independent Project Press and signed in pencil by all six artists.


Detail of Calendar, a sculpture by Karen Nielsen Licher from the exhibition Collaborations with Nature.

Landmarks: Collaborations with Nature

Five person Earth Day exhibition curated by Karen Nielsen Licher.


Artists included in the exhibition were:

Deanne Belinoff, Nick Gadbois, Bruce LIcher, Karen Nielsen Licher, and Fredrik Nilsen.

Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA - 1992

  Earth Day 1990:

Mojave Earthwork

Collaborative earthwork project,

East Mojave Desert, CA - 1990

Seven artists create multitudes of ephemeral earthworks on Kelso Dune in the East Mojave Desert:
Kristin Bell, Nick Gadbois,

Bruce Licher, Karen Nielsen Licher, Victoria Marino, Luis Sampaio,

Daniel Voznick.

Walking an Acre in a Climate of Change: Artists create a series of ephemeral earthworks relating to the destruction of rain forests in Central and South America.  The group chooses The Nature Conservancy

as the recipient of the proceeds generated from sales of the collaborative letterpress prints documenting the earthwork.


This project was commemorated by a numbered art print edition letterpress printed at Independent Project Press and signed in pencil by all seven artists.

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